DJ LaJedi “DETRIOT SONICLYZM!!! 3.13” Mixtape

Detriot Soniclyzm 313 Cover“Detroit City Exquisite Gritty. Detroiters are Innovators and Survivors. The sound produced here has been forged in conditions of extreme pressure – and extraordinarily demanding atmosphere that produces extraordinary art. DETRIOT SONICLYZM!!! Mixtape Series is DJ LaJedi’s sampling of some of the freshest Hip Hop Soul Music out of Detroit.”

DJ LaJedi has now released her new mixtape Detriot Soniclyzm!!! 3.13, the third in the series of mixes highlighting hip hop from the Motor City, or “Det-Riot” as the city is coming to be known. With twenty fresh cuts, the release is a sonic boost of support for globally recognized artists that represent a new era for Motown hip hop soul.

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