Common Breath Media, a web magazine for an evolving world

CBM Neon DJIn today’s changing media environment, a new website from Detroit is bringing a vision of engagement in the arts and social justice. Common Breath Media is a multi-media Internet magazine, featuring original articles, videos and photography, and has become an outlet for artists who often struggle to get media coverage to have their voice on the web.

“The idea behind Common Breath Media is to help put things in perspective, that people aren’t divided, the same issues affect us all,” says founder and editor Steve Furay, a special contributor to The Michigan Citizen since 2012. “Mainstream media builds their audience by separating people and developing their fears, I believe it should bring people together for solutions.”

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5 ELA :: Global Warming 2022 :: The GALAXY SOUND Mothership Lands

GLOBAL WARMING 2022 Album CoverKing STARFLEET Commanders 5 ELA have released their debut album on 11/11/14, marking a new era of music on Orsean



::::: 528 Love Frequency : Cosmic Funk Origins : ELAvated Lyrical Activation   :::::

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5 ELA “5 ELEMENTZ :: Don’t Stop” music video

5 ELEMENTZ Dont Stop promo web5 ELA are Detroit Hip Hop Champions, the 7 Mile Road Star Children of Motown who helped craft the art of Hip Hop in D-Mecca, from the Hip Hop Shop and Saint Andrews Hall in the 1990s to the STARFLEET Official Galaxy Sound of today. Mudd and Thyme continue the mission of growing 5 ELA to be one of the most influential Hip Hop groups of all time, and as their artistry continues to grow alongside the legacy of their partners Proof and J Dilla, they have once again ELAvated the frequency of Detroit Hip Hop funk with STARFLEET producer Black Bethoven.

5 ELAs’s original producer James “J Dilla” Yancey was the craftmaster of the sound of Detroit neo-soul hip hop from the 1990s, when he recorded locally with his talented peers in his family’s Conant Gardens basement before earning worldwide fame as one of the greatest Hip Hop producers of all time. Many original classics have never been shared with the world, but now for the first time the 5 Elementz “YesterYears” EP (1994) has been released for digital sale, available at The project features the original songs remastered, including “Don’t Stop”, a project that helped Thyme, Mudd and Proof (of D12) launch 5 ELA as one of the most legendary groups in Detroit Hip Hop history. Continue reading

Black Bethoven ‘Heat’ LP now available

Black Bethoven pic Black Bethoven Heat cover

Black Bethoven, STARFLEET Ambassador of Sound, has now released his debut LP ‘Heat’, giving music fans around the world a listen to the STARFLEET Official GALAXY SOUND.

“‘Heat’ is basically myself expressing how far I’ve evolved in the music I am influenced by,” says Black Bethoven, who wrote every song on the album.

The 12 songs on “Heat” — supported by guest appearances from a number of Detroit emcees and musicians who were eager to collaborate — channel the different styles that have influenced Black Bethoven the most over the years. The result is an energetic hip hop album that will appeal to fans of electronic music.

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5 ELAvision :: Seasons 1 & 2

5 ela promo feb 20125 ELAvision is an independent media production from Natural Man Edutainment, featuring Mudd, Thyme and DJ Sicari of 5 ELA discussing music, culture, Detroit hip hop history and more.

5 ELAvision Season 1 & 2 tells the group’s story from their own voices, as well as guests including OneBeLo, Paradise Gray, Khalid El-Hakim of the Black History 101 Mobile Museum, Slum Village and more.

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DJ LaJedi Teams With World Hip Hop Market and Nomadic Wax For World Women Mixtape

LaJedi Music Hall Dec 2012 CBM 2 webDJ LaJedi, Official Starfleet Commander and global ambassador of Detroit hip hop, has a new mixtape released with World Hip Hop Market and Nomadic Wax called “World Hip Hop Women: From The Sound Up”. The project is a monumental gathering of some of the finest female emcees from around the world in one mixtape, converging languages, cultures, strength and beauty over hard hip hop beats.

The official press release from World Hip Hop Market and Nomadic Wax has arrived and is reprinted below. The link for free download is here.

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