Listen to 5 ELA ‘Earthlings’ Featuring 3 Face Poet, Produced by Black Bethoven

5 ELA interstellar hip hop masters have once again released a new song pushing the limits of the stratosphere, 5 ELA Earthlings Promo webwith producer Black Bethoven providing the soundscape for ‘Earthlings’, the new song from the upcoming ‘STARFLEET Official’ project, featuring 3 Face Poet.

The lyrics of 5 ELA’s Thyme and Mudd display their adept knowledge of ancient spiritual practice, gifting the Black Bethoven production with classic Detroit hip hop style and an unforgettable feature from 3 Face Poet, who invokes the voices of the ancients for a message of enlightenment for all ‘Earthlings’.


5 ELAvision Returns with New Episodes

5 ELAvisionEducate : Liberate : Activate

In support of their new album ‘Global Warming 2022’, 5 ELA have given the galaxy a rare look into their world with the release of all new episodes of their web series 5 ELAvision.

The new episodes of 5 ELAvision were created by Common Breath Media, and feature guests including Dj LaJedi, Black Bethoven, DJ Los, Vaine and more. Footage includes behind the scenes in the studio, live performances, seminars and interviews with members Thyme, Mudd and DJ Sicari.

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5 ELA release new song “Wrath Of Jesus”, produced by Black Bethoven

5 ELA stars logo web5 ELA have released the new song “Wrath Of Jesus”, produced by Black Bethoven, as a prelude to their upcoming EP release ‘STARFLEET Official’. The track continues to push the bounds of their ‘GALAXY SOUND’ to epic heights, with lyrics stretching the bounds of the heart and the limits of the human potential for love.

Since the release of the Black Bethoven album ‘Heat’ and their own album ‘Global Warming 2022’, 5 ELA have been on a mission to prove that their metaphysical lyrics over hard hitting future funk tracks is the future of hip hop, and as ordained ministers of the culture, “Wrath Of Jesus” is testimony to the ELAvation.

Stay tuned to for more information about the upcoming release of the ‘STARFLEET Official’ EP. 5 ELA ‘Global Warming 2022’ is available now at

Cruise Control podcast with DJ Sicari

DJ SicariDJ Sicari is known throughout Detroit for rocking the mix behind some of the city’s best hip hop artists, at his own venue 5e Gallery, and live on stage as a member of 5 ELA.

Every week, he sets his turntables to ‘Cruise Control’, a new podcast of hip hop, funk and soul, featuring some of the best new music and classics from around the world.

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5 ELAvision :: 5 ELA Interview With Story Of America

5 ELA sits down with filmmakers Annabel Park and Eric Byler of Story Of America for an exclusive interview to discuss the group’s history, their spiritual education and their perspective on race in America, urging that the human race has been artificially divided and that knowing their own history as Moorish Americans has given them a rare opportunity to follow the age-old directive of ‘Know Thy Self’.

5 ELA members Mudd and Thyme are joined in the interview by their spiritual mentor Al Hajj Amin Rasool, whose history as a spiritual student has led him to uncover many mysteries of the ancient teachings of the masters. In the early 1990s, he developed the spiritual organization The Order Of Divine Reality through his home in the Krainz Woods neighborhood of Detroit, with hundreds of young men and women coming to learn from him. Mudd and Thyme were among the first to come to his home and receive these lessons, along with their close friend and co-member of their group (then called 5 Elementz), the late Detroit emcee Proof.

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World Hip Hop Women: SoundSIStem Mixtape, mixed by Dj LaJedi

Detroit, February 17, 2015 —

World Hip Hop Women: SoundSIStemHip hop don’t stop and, as the world spins, artists of diverse nationality are getting it in! People everywhere are inspired by hip hop culture created in New York, fueled by the soulsonic force that is the unifying power of music, and are preserving and evolving the scene internationally.

Global celebration of the five elements has revealed hip hop as one of the most influential youth movements today. Positive recognition of the feminine principle is as important to this movement as it is to society as a whole. World Hip Hop Market, Nomadic Wax and Dj LaJedi present: World Hip Hop Women: SoundSIStem.
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Official 5e Gallery Merchandise Available

CLassic_Black_With_White_Hoodie_DisplayDetroit hip hop is an internationally recognized brand, and lovers of the music can now own a piece of the city’s hip hop culture with exclusive 5e Gallery merchandise. T-shirts, hoodies, wristbands, chains and more can be purchased exclusively through the 5e Gallery web store at Big Cartel.
The ‘Know The Elements’ design has become one of the city’s most recognizable apparel brands, with the ‘Detroit Hip Hop’ design also offering a unique opportunity to support the city’s hip hop culture. Purchasing merchandise from 5e Gallery’s web store support’s the organizations youth programming, which offers opportunities for young men and women in Detroit to gain practical skills through the application of hip hop arts and technology.

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