DJ LaJedi

LAJEDI ✭ Minister of Sound ✭ ELAvator of Frequencies ✭ STARFLEET

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Dj LaJedi Minister of Sound ELAvator of Frequencies STARFLEET 

Representing Detroit to the Uni: Musician, Producer, Dj, Student, Servant to Spirit.  Over 4 years experience supporting Emcees in Detroit and Internationally, facilitating live performance, radio, open mics, cyphers, battles, breakin’ records and rockin’ crowds.  Her Soul has been nurtured in Detroit…LaJedi’s work is to express and expose the depth of her city’s groove to the world and enhance cross­cultural awareness in her community.  Now, LaJedi is promoting the sound of her city through her “DETRIOT SONICLYZM” mixtape series.  In January of 2013, LaJedi achieved global renown for her collaboration with World Hip Hop Market and Nomadic Wax: ”World Hip Hop Women: From The Sound Up”, an International Hip Hop Mixtape featuring Female Emcees from over 15 nations.  LaJedi is an Official STARFLEET DJ/ Commander. Tune in to STARFLEET Radio with DJ LaJedi on DetroitFreq, Detroit’s only community radio station. Funk with LaJedi, she loves and lives music. Dance your Divinity!  Bump the Bottom! Now and Forever. PEACE. 

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