5 ELAvision :: 5 ELA Interview With Story Of America

5 ELA sits down with filmmakers Annabel Park and Eric Byler of Story Of America for an exclusive interview to discuss the group’s history, their spiritual education and their perspective on race in America, urging that the human race has been artificially divided and that knowing their own history as Moorish Americans has given them a rare opportunity to follow the age-old directive of ‘Know Thy Self’.

5 ELA members Mudd and Thyme are joined in the interview by their spiritual mentor Al Hajj Amin Rasool, whose history as a spiritual student has led him to uncover many mysteries of the ancient teachings of the masters. In the early 1990s, he developed the spiritual organization The Order Of Divine Reality through his home in the Krainz Woods neighborhood of Detroit, with hundreds of young men and women coming to learn from him. Mudd and Thyme were among the first to come to his home and receive these lessons, along with their close friend and co-member of their group (then called 5 Elementz), the late Detroit emcee Proof.

Today, along with their newest member DJ Sicari, owner and operator of 5e Gallery, 5 ELA has kept the goal of sharing their music with the world, acting under the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice, and using their music to deliver healing frequencies to the world.

‘Global Warming 2022’, produced by Black Bethoven, is available now at www.the5Elementz.com

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