World Hip Hop Women: SoundSIStem Mixtape, mixed by Dj LaJedi

Detroit, February 17, 2015 —

World Hip Hop Women: SoundSIStemHip hop don’t stop and, as the world spins, artists of diverse nationality are getting it in! People everywhere are inspired by hip hop culture created in New York, fueled by the soulsonic force that is the unifying power of music, and are preserving and evolving the scene internationally.

Global celebration of the five elements has revealed hip hop as one of the most influential youth movements today. Positive recognition of the feminine principle is as important to this movement as it is to society as a whole. World Hip Hop Market, Nomadic Wax and Dj LaJedi present: World Hip Hop Women: SoundSIStem.

World Hip Hop Women: SoundSIStem is a high energy mixtape of unprecedented style and purpose. Only through WHHW is this unique musical experience available to you! Nineteen female emcees from 15 nations collaborated to provide you with a sonic journey through their distinct expressions of hip hop. WHHW: SoundSIStem is the second volume in a series that began with the January 2013 release of World Hip Hop Women: From The Sound Up. WHHW: From The Sound Up garnered significant critical acclaim and press coverage, including a review from the UK’s The Guardian.

DJ LaJedi Feb 2015 CBM w Logo webThe World Hip Hop Women Mixtape Series is a celebration of the feminine contribution to hip hop culture. We understand the importance of a balanced, healthy, male/female dynamic in hip hop culture and in society as a whole. Thus “World Hip Hop Women Mixtape Series seeks to highlight the female voices and causes that are always present but less often heard. WHHW are some of the most clever and fierce emcees in the game period. Fellas, WHHW: SoundSIStem is for you, too.

This mix is designed to move you – mind, body and soul. Regardless of whether your intellect can interpret the language that the emcees spit, your soul can feel the spirit that pervades their verses.

Even if the music is foreign to you tonally, the collective rhythm comes from a source of cultural familiarity – the five elements of Hip Hop (the emcee, the deejay, the b-boy/girl, the graffiti  artist, the knowledge). The vibe of WHHW: SoundSIStem is especially elevated, and will get you up out  of your seat! It opens with reggae/ dancehall inspired tracks out of Canada, Mexico, South America, notably “Phenomenal” by Maya Jupiter (Australian native currently living in the USA),  produced by herself and Aloe Blacc. We give you heavy hitting bars from Detroit next to a high energy anthem track from Tanzania to lyrical heat from Lely of Cuba produced by Nomadic Wax’ own DJ Nio. Sexy sounds from Chile’s Moyenei grace the same space as StaHHr’s classic hip hop swagger, and Devour Ke Lenora raps on how she is elevating the game in South Africa.

jessica Care moore

jessica Care moore

This volume of the WHHW series is hosted by internationally celebrated poet and owner of Moore Black Press, Jessica Care Moore. Jessica is an internationally renowned poet, publisher, activist, rock star, playwright and actor. She is a five-time Showtime at the Apollo winner, has featured on hip-hop mega-star, Nas’ Nastradamus album, was a recurring star of Russell Simmons’ HBO Series Def Poetry Jam and is the founder of Black Women Rock, an organization that supports the music and artistry of Black women.

World Hip Hop Women not only embody Hip Hop culture as emcees – they are also integral and evolutionary members of their communities who continue to fulfill many essential societal roles, many times carving a path where there was none. They are socio-political activists, journalists, fashion designers, cultural ambassadors, educators, b-girls, wives and mothers.



World Hip Hop Women Mixtape Series is mixed and directed by Dj LaJedi of Detroit, MI, USA. Her vision for the project is that it not only engage music lovers across the planet in an elevated awareness of global music, but also establish beneficial relationships and cultural exchange between hip hop women worldwide. She recorded the mix as a live set in her home studio in Detroit, MI, using two Technic 1200s and a Rane 57sl mixer.

“World Hip Hop Women inspire me to master the feminine principle and to extend my exposure and understanding throughout the international community.” — Dj LaJedi

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About Nomadic Wax – Nomadic Wax is a fair-trade international record label and production company dedicated to producing and promoting global urban music and media.

About Notable Productions – Notable Productions is one of the East Coast’s finest recording studios and is also the creative production space of music producer/mixer/composer, Daniel Cantor. It is housed in an impressively equipped Neve based studio. Our collection of instruments and gear ranges from the ultra-modern to the exquisitely vintage. Previous clients include: Aerosmith, Dead Prez, Talib Kweli, Amkoullel, Thomas Mapfumo, Biohazard, Disney, US Peacekeepers, Al Gore, Staples, NHL, ESPN, NPR, Harvard University, MIT and Berklee College of Music, KRS-One and K’Naan.

Track Listing:
1. I.B.G (IamBlackgirl) – “Uprising” (Canada/Prod: Lou Piensa)
2. Maya Jupiter – “Phenomenal” (Australia/USA/Prod: Maya Jupiter & Aloe Blacc)
3. Medusa – “Nheb niitch Hyeti” (Tunisia/Prod: Olof Dreijer of The Knife)
4. D.S. Sense – “Get In The Flow (Technique)” (USA/Prod: Planet Da Majestic)
5. Witnesz – “Rock Superstar” (Tanzania/Prod: Maneke)
6. Leli (Klidas) – “Mucho Rap (ft. Malian & Zero Plastica)” (Cuba/Prod: Dj Nio of Zero Plastica)
7. Lurdez da Luz – “Ping Pong” (Brazil/Prod: Leo Justi & Leo Grijo)
8. Moyenei (Estreya Morena) – “Kero Tanto'” (Chile/Mexico/ Prod: The Salazar Brothers)
9. Sarina Leah – “Travellin’” (UK/ Prod: Te1 productions)
10. StaHHr – “Sankofa” (USA/Prod: Calzone)
11. Shedney Ruffin – “Lost in Amsterdam” (Netherlands/Prod: Coert Cremers)
12. Sadahzinia – “Den Eimai Kanenos” (Greece/Prod: B.D.Foxmoor)
13. Jezzy P – “Todo Está Bien” (Mexico/Prod: Camba Beats)
14. Loop Luna – “Loop Lunatica” (Italy/Prod: Turi)
15. Devour Le Kenyora – “The Climb” (South Africa/Prod: Mx dafreshprince)
16. Ancestress and Yilinhi – “Speak the Truth” (Australia/Prod: 1st Spawned)
17. Jessica Care Moore – “Tiger Stripes (ft. One Be Lo)” (USA/Prod: D-Will)

Conceived, Mixed and Recorded Live by Dj LaJedi
Hosted by Jessica Care Moore (Host Vocals Recorded by Black Bethoven)
Audio Mix and Mastering by Dan Cantor at Notable Productions /
Cover Design by Dj Nio /
Co- Produced by Nomadic Wax, World Hip Hop Market and Dj LaJedi

For interviews, media inquiries, or for more information please contact Dj LaJedi at or Greg Schick at