Black Bethoven ‘Heat’ LP now available

Black Bethoven pic Black Bethoven Heat cover

Black Bethoven, STARFLEET Ambassador of Sound, has now released his debut LP ‘Heat’, giving music fans around the world a listen to the STARFLEET Official GALAXY SOUND.

“‘Heat’ is basically myself expressing how far I’ve evolved in the music I am influenced by,” says Black Bethoven, who wrote every song on the album.

The 12 songs on “Heat” — supported by guest appearances from a number of Detroit emcees and musicians who were eager to collaborate — channel the different styles that have influenced Black Bethoven the most over the years. The result is an energetic hip hop album that will appeal to fans of electronic music.

“‘80s synth, all day, 1980s synth,” says Black Bethoven as he describes his biggest sonic influence, an old school sound that is a favorite of FM radio’s daily rotation throughout Detroit. “What if you take the ‘80’s synth sound, slapped it on top of boom-bap, then also add some soul?”

A Detroit resident all of his life, the boom-bap drums he reworks on “Heat” represent the cultural DNA of his era. Through his teenage years and into his 20s during the 1990s, Black Bethoven took the journey from rewinding Run DMC cassettes in his home to rocking shows in Detroit as a lesser known artist amongst the era’s famed hip hop community.

: via The Michigan Citizen

‘Heat’ features guest appearances by 5 ELA, Nametag, Duminie DePorres, DJ Los, Alius Pnukkle, Ron D, LaTicia Moore, 313Phresh, Pierre Anthony, Gratiot Jones, Christopher Young, Mic Todd and Ace Boo.

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