DJ LaJedi “DETRIOT SONICLYZM!!! 3.13” Mixtape

Detriot Soniclyzm 313 Cover“Detroit City Exquisite Gritty. Detroiters are Innovators and Survivors. The sound produced here has been forged in conditions of extreme pressure – and extraordinarily demanding atmosphere that produces extraordinary art. DETRIOT SONICLYZM!!! Mixtape Series is DJ LaJedi’s sampling of some of the freshest Hip Hop Soul Music out of Detroit.”

DJ LaJedi has now released her new mixtape Detriot Soniclyzm!!! 3.13, the third in the series of mixes highlighting hip hop from the Motor City, or “Det-Riot” as the city is coming to be known. With twenty fresh cuts, the release is a sonic boost of support for globally recognized artists that represent a new era for Motown hip hop soul.

Detriot Soniclyzm!!! 3.13, available for free download now for a limited time, features songs from OneBeLo, Danny Brown, Guilty Simpson, Nick Speed, Fowl, Sheefy McFly, Cold Men Young and Stretch Money, plus Almighty Dreadnaughtz alumni Supa Emcee, Slautah and Konphlict.

5 ELA’s latest track “Salute” is a featured song on the mixtape, supported by the recently released video directed by Steve Furay for Common Breath Media. The Black Bethoven produced song is a teaser for their upcoming album “Global Warming”, set to be released worldwide in 2013. “Salute” sets off the group’s Starfleet movement, using intergalactic imagery to bring love, peace and uncut funk back to hip hop.

Also contributing are Clear Soul Forces with their hit song “Get No Better”, while Moe Dirdee continues to ride the momentum of his anthem “You Don’t Belong In Detroit”. Instrumentals from 14KT, Apollo Brown, XtheDetective, Crate Digga, and Sacramento Knoxx are included to round out the experience.

LaJedi C.B. Photo Shoot_Paid 190_croppedDJ LaJedi has had an active year touring the nation as DJ for OneBeLo in support of his newest album releases “L.A.B.O.R.” and “K.I.C.K.P.U.S.H.” Her ear for enlightened independent hip hop and spiritually-wise activism has led her to become a highly respected music selector for fans in venues of all sizes. She has also contributed an article series for and Common Breath Media, spotlighting women hip hop artists from around the world.

“I do this to reverberate the Sounds of my City,” says Dj LaJedi. “I Salute Every artist in the mix, and I Salute you for supporting it.  Share Freely. SHINE ON!!!”

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1. “tite son!” Prod. XtheDetective
2. “Bounce” Prod. Crate Digga
3. “Pineapples(Dj LaJedi Remix)” Sheefy McFly Prod. Sheefy McFly
4. “1000 Freaks” Sheefy McFly Prod. Sheefy McFly
5. “Fire(Dj LaJedi Remix)” Cold Men Young Prod. Jay Norm
6. “Mirrors” Dopehead Prod. Sheefy McFly
7. “Bruiser Brigade” Danny Brown Feat. Dopehead Prod. Skywlkr
8. “Salute(Dj LaJedi Remix)” 5 ELA Feat. Omari King Wise Prod. Black Bethoven
9. “Born and Raised in Pontiac” One Be Lo Prod. AutoCons
10. “You Don’t Belong In Detroit” Moe Dirdee Prod. Chanes
11. “Stand Up” Feat. Guilty Simpson Dj Soko Prod. Apollo Brown
12. “Yeah” (cuts by Dj Dez) Ron D.
13. “The D Light In You” Prod. 14 KT
14. “Gangsta Shit(Dj LaJedi Remix)”
Feat. Supa MC, Big Herk, Stretch Money Prod. Nick Speed
15. “Detroit Princess” Prod. Sacramento Knoxx
16. “Get No Better” Clear Soul Forces Prod. KanKick
17. “Zero to Hero” Fowl Prod. Hir-O
18. “Smile” Stretch Money Prod. Nick Speed
19. “We Almost Lost Detroit(RIP J. Dilla)” Prod. Apollo Brown
20. “People Mover” Feat. Moe Dirdee Slauhtah & Konflict Prod. Slauhtah
(Almighty Dreadnaughts)

Conceived, mixed and recorded by Dj LaJedi


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